Do you want to take a loan? Know your free credit bureau

When applying for a loan, the first thing that financial institutions do is the credit bureau consultation, in this way they know the score and borrowing capacity of people interested in requesting money.

Many times, users get scared, because they don’t know what their score is or what debts and payments are appearing in the credit bureau. For this reason, here we will teach you to consult the free credit bureau, in this way you will always be prepared with the correct information.

How to know if I’m in the credit bureau?


Many people worry when companies tell them they should check credit bureau why? because when checking the credit bureau you can see all the debts and financial life that the person has taken so far. However, this is not always bad, since there appear all the people who have credit cards, accounts, loans, mortgages, and others, but this does not mean that they are a person with outstanding debts and balances.

In fact, the bureau credit consultation is done to know how much money you can lend or disburse at the time of acquiring a loan or financing. If you ask yourself “how to check my credit bureau”, it is very simple, you just have to go free consultation; Remember to have your credit and personal information at hand, it will be necessary to check the credit bureau for free. This consultation can be done every 12 months, if you are going to do it more times after this time, you will have to pay money for it.

The price of the credit bureau consultation is not very high, in addition, there are several ways to request the report. To have the free credit bureau consultation you must have the following information at hand:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • RFC
  • curp
  • Phone
  • Full address
  • Credit card number and which entity it is (if any)
  • Mortgage and/or automotive credit number (if any)

You already know how to check the credit bureau, but if you need more inquiries a year, you can request a report online, phone, email, messaging or directly at the bureau of the credit bureau. Prices vary between $ 36 to $ 240 pesos.

How long does the free credit bureau report take?

How long does the free credit bureau report take?

You already know how to check the credit bureau, however, the report does not appear automatically. The credit bureau may take 1 to 5 days to generate the report and will be delivered in the manner you have selected.

In some cases, upon receiving the report, people get confused because there is incorrect information; It can happen, for this reason, we always recommend consulting free credit bureau, so you can see all the reports and answer your question of “how to know if I am in credit bureau and how much I owe”

Even so, you can always fill out a claim to correct the credit bureau information. When you finish the free credit bureau consultation, go to the “Contested registration” section where you must specify what information is incorrect, attach the evidence and do not do it in more than 29 days after receiving the report. If in doubt, always check the credit bureau phone.

What happens if I have debts reported in the credit bureau?

What happens if I have debts reported in the credit bureau?

The first thing you should know when doing the bureau consultation is that the credit bureau gives you a bureau credit score. It is impossible not to have it without a score; Even so, this score is not always bad. There is a categorization of it, which companies mostly use to determine how good credit history you have and how much borrowing capacity.

The higher your score, the better credit offers you are going to get, for this reason, there are some standards for you to know which category you belong to. On the credit bureau page, you will see a score between 500 and 850 points, the last one being the best score you can get. From 660 points it is considered good, from there to below, it is regular to very bad, and you should try harder to improve this report.

For this, it is necessary to know each time the credit bureau is updated and that will depend on the type of debt you have and how much is the amount of the debt. All data will be updated between 1 to 6 years, and after this time these debts are removed from the registry, making your scores better. However, there are certain conditions for this, keep them in mind when checking the credit bureau.

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