Know the options for personal loans with lower interest rates

It is an idea that personal loans are not a good deal due to high interest rates. But It is interesting to know that, depending on the modality you to choose, It is possible to obtain credit at reduced interest rates, without extrapolating your budget. If you are you going through a financially difficult time and thinking about applying for a loan, check out today’s post and find out about some types of personal loans with lower interest rates. We have listed very relevant information that will help you in choosing the ideal personal loan. Check-out!


Payroll loan

At the Oh,  how to disagree: among the most attractive types of personal loan, the payroll comes out ahead. Available to INSS retirees and pensioners, public servants and employees whose companies have partnerships with banks, the payroll loan brings its installments already. discounted on the payroll. Although the modality is open to employees of private companies, generally only large companies offer the benefit. Small and medium-sized companies hardly have this facility, but it is worth consulting management. Because of the guarantee that they will receive the installments on time, banks and finance companies work with low interest rates, when compared to conventional personal loans.It is worth calling attention to the consignable margin: this is the maximum value of the income of the worker or beneficiary that can be committed to the loan.35%, of which 30% for personal credit and 5% for payroll credit cards. The contracting by the bank in which you receive your salary or benefit nothing complicated: just go to the agency, ATMs or internet banking, check if there are any. limit available for the loan and request the contract. The installments will be discounted monthly on the same day that the payment is credited to the account. At  it is necessary to prove data with documents.


Online loan platforms

Online loan platforms

Searching the web, are you  must have come across dozens of virtual platforms that offer personal loans online. That the case of Just and many other institutions. These companies are legalized and act as correspondents for banks and finance companies. Because the processes are completely virtual and without the need for large physical structures, there is a considerable reduction in interest rates. When accessing the sites and simulating a loan, the consumer must submit depending on the company proof of income, residence, bank transactions and income tax statements. In some institutions the process is more bureaucratic. Isn’t thatthe case of Just, a partner of Good Lenders where the process quick and practical. On some sites, money  available in just 4 hours after acceptance of the contract. Even with the low interest rate, in this modality It is interesting to analyze the CET (Total Effective Cost) with much more caution, since the platforms also charge administrative fees.


Anticipation of receivables

credit loans

The anticipations of the thirteenth salary and the income tax refund are also good options for those seeking credit for emergencies. Do banks make it possible to anticipate the amounts receivable and, when the account holder receives the amount, the same discount. In the case of refund of the IR, the advance can be carried out at the bank informed in the declaration. The big disadvantage of these two options that the employer may not deposit the salary and the taxpayer may fall into the fine mesh and not receive the refund as soon as possible. In both cases, the customer has a debit balance at the bank, further complicating their financial health. Before taking out a loan, even a personal loan with a lower interest rate, the tip analyze and evaluate whether the value really necessary at that moment. Remember that asking for an impulse loan will compromise your finances. We hope you enjoyed reading.

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